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With the huge array of beauty products now claiming to be 'safe' and good for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, it's hard to know where to start. I decided to test out an easy option. A one week trial of the same fragrance-free and nasties-free baby products I use on my 17 month old bubba.

Greenpeople produces a range of products free from parabens, SLS and artificial fragrances. I recently tried their Aloe Vera body wash which was nice but still had a lingering scent of lavender which I find they put in most 'mother's' products! However, the Organic babies range and Organic children's range are even more pure than the adult versions.

I decided to try the Scent Free Baby Wash and Shampoo which I found lathered up really nicely, with soft silky bubbles, and truly has practically no scent at all (comparing this to Sanex zero or Simple bath products which smell a bit chemical, especially with my heightened pregnancy nose!). This really does work as both a body wash and shampoo saving time and space in the bathroom too, especially when sharing with bubs and even the hubby! It leaves hair quite squeaky clean so a bit of conditioner may be required if you are used to a softer feel.

For face and body after the bath, I tried out the Organic babies Scent-free Baby Oil which is a totally natural blend of evening primrose, roship, elderflower and pomegranite seed oils. It doesn't leave a scent and is easily absorbed and makes my eye wrinkles disappear by morning! However, you do need quite a large amount to cover body surface (of course for bubs that isn't the case), and it's not cheap at nearly £10, but i think definitely worth it. Really softened my dry feet too!

For lips the Baby Rescue Balm is a natural alternative to Vaseline or lip balm, and can double as nappy cream in the changing bag, although I find it a bit too greasy for bubba's botty!

Finally, the Scent Free Sun Lotion is perfect for minimising holiday packing as it doubles for both you and bubs. It is quite thick, so do make sure you rub it in before you leave the house or you will end up looking very white and pasty! It seems to work well though and once rubbed in, doesn't leave a residue and protects well.

So- if you are looking for space-saving options and guaranteed minimal nasties I would definitely recommend sharing Organic babies products with your family. Not the cheapest option out there though, and to be honest I can't resist a gorgeous feel-good new product made espcially for me, so I don't think I will be sticking with this permanently!!

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