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Daddy and I had the pleasure of attending the launch of a new Brazilian street food venue last week. 
Hailed as a 'streatery', its not pretentious and not fussy, but oodles of fun and joins a number of Latin American haunts popping up in dear old Soho.

The walls scream Brazil from every corner with a riotous colour scheme - typically carioca, and the atmosphere from the fast paced service, to the tasty tit bits.

Now, I'm very honest when it comes to food, I'm a massive foody (as is bubba) and having a rather delicate stomach right now - if I don't like something - I'll make it known. 
Having never tried Brazilian delicacies I must say, I was quite impressed - especially with the affordable tapas style dishes. Granted they didn't set my world alight, but then I only sampled 1/3 of the menu.

Now, the one thing I wasn't too enthralled about was the sausage-esque looking 'coracao' - er, actually marinated chicken hearts with vinagrette - thank GAWD I didn't snaffle one of those, however D did - and felt a bit sick to the stomach after. 

Having avoided any more of the 'delicacies' we enjoyed Bolinhos de baclhau (salted cod fish cakes) and Coxinhas de frango (soft potatoes dough filled with shredded chicken) both at a nifty £3 and £4 per portion.

And after its namesake GALETO (young chicken) is their signature dish - it's grilled to perfection and marinated for 24 hours served with fries and a choice of dip like spicy coriander and garlic cream. However the piquant part was not so at all, so we slathered on the table garlic sauce and mayo - to make it a bit more flavoursome.

And for our resident Vegan mumma, for her palette, there's sexy salads with palm hearts, rocket and sun blushed tomatoes or rice, grilled aubergines, sweetcorn etc - both at £6.95 per portion.

Now, it was clearly bump demanding the second helpings of chicken (not myself, obvs) but if you fancy a cheap night out in a buzzy venue with high quality food - I'd highly recommend.
After all, enjoy your nights out while you can....

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