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Growing up in the 80's perma-tan era I have inevitably always been a fan of the tan. A hint of 'bronzed glow' on a pasty complexion throws life back into a face, and can appear to be slimming too. As a pregnant mother of one demanding toddler this is just what my skin needs.

I have been fake-tanning since I was in my early teens when I would use Boots17 fake tan as a daily moisturiser! Things have moved on a lot since then and it really is possible to achieve a natural looking tan these days.

Being pregnant and also breastfeeding puts the fear into a mother-should I use tanning products? Apparently the DHA in fake tan is safe for mums and mums-to-be. However, I have cut down on chemical products these days on the basis that they say it's safe but you never know. 

My fave gradual tan though is the Garnier summer body which has a hint of tan so you can apply daily to build up the colour which means no streaks. 

Another good option is Clarins gel which is light and easy to apply and rapidly absorbed leaving you dry and smelling ok!- Clarins have 30% off at moment if you buy direct from their site.

A cheaper version of this is the L'Oreal gel but it is a little more prone to streaking and smelling.

I would avoid spray tanning yourself in case of breathing it in- best left to the experts anyway or you may end up with orange feet and hands (yes this has happened to me in the past).

My top fake tanning tip is to use bath gloves to scrub your body every day of the year all over, including face and neck, then you will never ever get streaks.

If you are pregnant you will find that as time goes on you won't need to tan anyway because during pregnancy your melanin levels naturally increase (I am guessing this is to protect your unborn child from the sun) so by the time you give birth you will look like you have been fake tanning-it happened to me. Hubby kept asking if I had fake tan on but I didn't and it was winter!

Finally, if time is too short for tanning (which it is for me working with a toddler) I just cheat and use Guerlain teraccota bronzing powder and Nars Super orgasm blush, to  cheat myself a pregnancy 'glow'.

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