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ANYONE who has been reading their apps/books etc. will know that one of the first things you do when you find out you're pregnant (aside from visit the doc), is to book in with the dentist, as gums can become swollen and sore.

I haven't.
Now, there is a moral to this story, so listen with heed...

Firstly, I've noticed a terrible build up of plaque on my teeth. I'm often gritting them when talking to people, mainly because I think I've got mild halitosis. 
One of my favourite lines from a song when I was younger, was: 'I talk so much sh*t, I got hali-tos-is' Ten points for anyone who guesses it!

Anyway, I went to my partner's family BBQ and had a wonderful time, sadly having to avoid the PIMMS, but admiring their lovely garden, handsome family genes and of course excellent BBQ spread.

I avoided the scallops, but went for the super-sized sausage and a nice piece of veal. 

As I chowed down on my veal, it tasted a bit gritty, and to my horror I realised HALF of my tooth had embedded into the soft-as-butter veal - NOTHING to do with the texture of it, but purely to do with the weakness and brittleness of my tooty-pegs. 

A week later, whilst innocently eating a toffee sweet at my desk, the other half found itself extracted and embedded right into the middle of my eclair. The horror!

So the moral of the story is unless you want to look like Worzel Gummidge - get down to the dentist.

Ladies - it's SO important you book in for a hygienist clean, or general check-up, after all if you've filled out your forms and have your dental exemption - why not?

LN x

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