BABY VS MUMMA | Eerie but welcome silence!


My poor baby has been teething the last few days and I think it's her top teeth because they apparently cause more pain than bottom ones. I've done Calpol and teething gel but neither of those was that effective. As much as I feel bad for the poor thing, her constant wailing is driving me up the wall!

Luckily I met up with a friend from NCT last week whose baby was going through the same thing and she recommended a totally different solution. Being an ex-nanny she knows a lot of effective remedies. She suggested I try Anbesol Liquid.

Anbesol is rubbed on the gums like gel but unlike gel it doesn't instantly slip off your finger or get sucked up by greedy little tongues.  Needless to say I tried it this afternoon and it was an almost instant relief. In fact she was playing so quietly all afternoon I got a bit worried - I was used to all the constant whining! But now I have my happy baby back :-)

Now, before you run out and buy this, remember I'm not a doctor, midwife or pharmacist so please do check with yours before using a new medication, especially as this is an over-the-counter one. Also please read the label yourself to make sure it's safe for your little one in case they are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Since this medicine is also for adults it might be a handy one for pregnant ladies who are suffering from sore gums. But, as above, do check with your GP or pharmacist first!

And while we're on the subject of teething, I also have a top tip from my mum! She told me that when a baby is teething their poo is more acidic and so if they do a poo and you don't change the nappy for a while it burns their bum. And I have noticed that my daughter's bum has been a bit red and sore looking the last couple of days so for now I'm using good old Sudacrem during every nappy change to help protect her precious little derriere!

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