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We've all used baby products on ourselves before we had kids. I always had a bottle of baby lotion tucked away somewhere and in my youth, to my shame, I may have used baby oil instead of, ahem, sun screen.

But now I do have a baby and am currently on a beauty budget I'm wondering, does it really make sense to buy separate products for each of us? Baby beauty products are, after all, made for super sensitive baby skin, so I thought why not give them a try on baby and on me and see how we get on.

The lovely people at Marks and Spencer have sent over a few products from their Pure Baby range, so last week I gave these the Baby vs Mumma test.

Over a period of 3 days I used the following products on my baby and on myself, although the uses of each product varied in some cases!

Pure baby hair and body wash
On Baby: A delicate formula with a subtle almost smoky scent, my daughter was fine with me washing her hair and body with this. Inevitably the soapy water went in her eyes and she didn't cry so I guess it didn't sting them. I haven't used proper baby shampoo on her before this, only generic baby wash, and actually her hair does seem a bit softer and it is sticking up in a fan again which is nice.
On Me: I had to use quite a bit of this in my hair to get a good lather and the smoky smell was stronger. The result was fine on my hair but since I had to use conditioner anyway I think for me at least, this one should stay just for the baby.

Pure baby body lotion
On Baby: A very light non-greasy lotion which is easy to apply. I'm not sure that my baby's skin was softer afterwards but that's because her skin is already lovely and soft!
On Me: I liked this lotion, my skin felt soft for quite a while after I had applied it. Not sure about the smell though. It's subtle but smells a little like cloves which for me brings back bad memories from childhood!

Pure baby bottom butter
On Baby: This has a really nice feel to it and it definitely made the baby's bum lovely and soft. I'm not sure if I'd use it all the time though as sometimes I think less it more when it comes to baby products!
On Me: I on the other hand need plenty of product and it's kind of nice to treat your bum with the same respect you give to your face. So, I might just steal this one for myself!

Pure baby wonder balm
On Baby: I tried this on her bum when it got a bit red and it seemed to do the trick. The redness was gone by the next nappy change. In some ways it's easier to apply than Sudocrem because it's more like a lip balm texture. However, it is a small pot so you'd run out pretty quickly if you used it regularly.
On Me: I tried this on dry patches on my hands which was quite effective temporarily. It wouldn't be very practical to use it for this purpose all the time though. I also tried it on my 'bumcne' (a hangover symptom from pregnancy) and it did actually help so I'm impressed.

M&S baby products are free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances and mineral oils.

Visit the website to order your baby products and to see what they have for mums-to-be.

RL xx

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