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It feels slightly odd me homing in on one brand, as in my job I write about hundreds. So when I home in on one - it feels like an advertorial. But lets be honest, some brands DO deserve a little show of love for various reasons.

Today my spotlight is on Dermalogica Active Moist.
I always say, what works for one person doesn't always work for another - but I DO know that everyone I have recommend this beauty to is a HUGE fan.
Active moist is perfect for skin with excess oil production.

Now, I always think my skin is DRY - but there's a real difference between dry and dehydrated, and the latter is due to my lack of quaffing 2 litres of water per day...but baby has put paid to that (I'm often gasping!)
This lightweight lotion is great for a daily moisture boost, and it combats surface dehydration while calming any redness with its potent mix of botanical extracts. Best of all it contains no artificial fragrance or colour - so is perfect for sensitive skin types.
NB: Sensitive means you react to the slightest thing like face wipes, skin can go red, feel tight, itchy - so you'd certainly know!
So the way it works is - the sheer formula with lovely light consistency provides oil-free hydration, without a greasy residue. Silk Amino Acids help improve skin texture, and do indeed leave it silky smooth on application, while natural astringents like lemon, ivy, watercress and burdock help soothe skin - in a nutshell I'll call it a super smoothie in a tube!

Mummy Tip: Don't give up if you're squeezing the tube and it's producing no product i.e you think there's none left. Simply cut the tube in half and slip the remainders of the product in one half, cut the end off and slip that on the top of the half with all the product in, and that becomes your new mini tube for handbag - POIFICT!

Dermalogica Active Moist, £43 (100ml),, get four free samples or 15 % off using code DERM15,
LN xx

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