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Last year I attempted to fix up a treatment with Lush UK called The Planets.
It didn't materialise, but I managed to eventually fix it up for this month.
It must have been fate.

I got a surprise to discover the treatment was 3 hours long, so I had to swiftly shuffle appointments and block out my day - the little one was with nanny, so it worked out perfectly.

Whenever I walk past my local Lush store, I often get overwhelmed by the array of scents, but as soon as I stepped into the Chelsea store I became immune to it and nothing overpowered or sent my senses overdrive.
I won't deny that Lush hasn't been massively on my radar, I am hypersensitive to strong fragrances, and whenever I received a delivery (I'm a beauty writer by day) I could smell the bag before it hit my desk and often felt a little queasy.

On arrival at the London Kings Road store, I was directed down to the spa through the Chelsea shop - if you weren't aware, you can experience a spa tour even if you're not having a treatment.
The spa is delightfully simple, with a large rustic solid wooden table to fill the essential health forms out on.
By the toilets there is a variety of lush products to test out - should you wish. The staff are exceptionally happy throughout the store  - which I thought was a real testament to the brand.

The therapist, Pauline, gave me a warm welcome in her thick Bordeaux accent.  As I mentioned before, I had no idea what I was in for - just 3 hours of unadulterated bliss!
She explained the Planets treatment over a fragrant water, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover it had a somewhat holistic approach, with huge attention towards astrology.
This is where it became apparent that this treatment was more than apt for the start of the 2017.

I was presented a pack of cards and told to pick a word that seemed relevant to me - Uranus was staring straight up, and the naughty side of me was drawn to the innuendo. So Uranus (or mine) it was.

The Planets Facial Essentials 

The card was presented as 'Challenge', which most of last year was - especially after losing my job of ten years, and constantly battling to be heard and taken seriously with ideas - now it's trying to carve out a freelance career.

She mentioned the treatment would be a lot of letting go of the past, and that I can open up as much or as little about it. I thought felt very perturbed about offloading onto a stranger....

Basically the treatment works in three parts; the past, the present and the future, I won't  ruin the entire treatment and go too much in depth, but here's a quick synopsis.

The past

This incorporates a indulgent 1 hour and a half massage using one of the infamous Lush massage bars which melt into your muscles.
As soon as a relevant pressure point is detected, your therapist will explain what the area is, and the issue you could be up against. You then feel compelled to answer, what the heck!
For instance, the left side is creative, and the right logical - the bottom right of my back was linked to money, as a freelance not knowing when you'll work next - no wonder it was as stiff as a board.
But the interesting one, (which is when I realised the efficacy of the treatment), was when she said do you struggle to let new friends in? Absolutely not!
I'm a very warm person. But then I found myself contending with a dull pain as her  thumbs kneaded a pressure point and I found myself blurting out about a friend who had been a bit of a dick last year, dropping me when I needed her after years of continuous support from me.
As I opened up, the area 'popped', Pauline laughed and said 'there you go!', we closed the metaphorical drawer and eased the pain with a warm stone, and moved on.

The present

Having a 'tea party' with my therapist wasn't what I expected, as warm papaya tea and a chocolate macaroon was placed around a palm-reading area.
A multicoloured bath bomb was placed in the middle of the table to depict a planet, and dry ice gave the room a mystical aura as it bubbled up and circumnavigated itself around the 'world'.
As a gentle arm massage was performed, we addressed me as a person who fell into the 'water' category - my palm was also read - I won't elaborate, that's for you to find out for yourself (about you, obviously!)
Throughout the treatment there's a score of music, no achingly annoying whale sounds or panpipes.
The score has been re-worked around the entire treatment, for instance when when you're letting go - a crescendo.
One part I commented how it felt like a weirdo clown was on the loose, and Pauline confirmed the part was actually called deranged circus, or something similar (don't worry, not my mental state!) no part of the instrumental was the same, and having a background in music I found the attention to details incredible!
I found myself mesmerised as how cleverly executed and perspicacious the arrangement was.

The future

We'll, this where I left thinking ok I can do this, it seemed a lot of my blockages were to do with self doubt, and as the therapist moved down my body with a lamp oozing with dry ice and an uplifting lemony scent - she was signalling I let go and move on.
The future is the facial part of the treatment, and it was so interesting to be introduced to the lush products I'd so often overlooked, like the solid facial serums (solid because they contain no nasties like parabens) the massage bars that melt on contact with the skin, the intoxicatingly scent of the lemon and rose mask and facial techniques to 'lift' and anti-age the skin.
One thing I will say about this entire treatment is the skill of the therapists, they take great pride in making you feel comfortable, relaxed and acting as your therapist for the day.
This may not be the treatment for you, and the price tag of £285 may put you off.

Do take into account its a three hours treatment, consisting of an hour facial, a ninety minute massage and the palm reading aspect (with hand and arm massage).
Sweet tea and chocolate is served and you're packed away with the majority of the products used.

Relaxation Levels 5/5
Price 4/5
Location 4/5
Products used 4/5

I'd also like to say, where I was so ignorant to the length of the treatment, all I'd eaten all day was a Marshmallow bar and had a cappuccino.
My therapist was obviously concerned about my energy levels, so sent one of the staff out to get me a sandwich completely off her own back - how adorable.
I left seriously relaxed and positive - self doubt be gone!

Are you a big fan of Lush, and have you experienced any of their treatments before?

Challenge for Lozza!

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