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As you may have guessed, I love to try out new beauty products, however I do have a few loyal items that I couldn't be without. One of which is very crucial to me now that winter is fast approaching and my skin is no longer protected by the sun's spot clearing magic :( 

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body. I've been using this miracle bar for about 7 years; it used to be called "Acne Solutions.." and it still is in the U.S. but obviously Clinique deemed this scary word 'Acne' too much for the U.K. Well let me tell you, it's not blemishes I have, it's full on pimples/spots/acne and even sometimes to my horror, cysts. Big horrible acne cysts. When I get a breakout, nine times out of ten it's because I realise that I haven't been using my soap properly. It sounds crazy, but for me, it really works and I'm afraid to stop using it. Now I am in my thirties, my skin isn't so bad that makeup can't cover most problems, and I really sympathise for those people out there who suffer with acne, I was one of them when I was younger so I know how it feels. 

One of the reasons I love this little bar of soap is that you can use it all over your body, so if you're spot prone on your chest or back, lather it up there as well. Surprisingly for a 'blemish' soap it lathers up nice and foamy and also gives you a love/hate squeaky sound when you rinse off; you literally feel squeaky clean. 

It retails for approx £16.00 so not cheap, but as it's in a traditional bar format rather than liquid, it lasts for ages so you certainly get your money's worth. It comes in a fairly decent soap box so can be easily transported on weekends away, or as in my case, from bath tub to sink windowsill.

You can also use this soap as part of Clinique's 3-step skincare routine but you can equally just use the soap along with your normal products so don't let the white coated sales assistants tempt you if you're already happy with your moisturiser etc. Do let us know if you use this and if you love it like I do...

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body, £16.00

CQ x

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