HOT MUMMAS | Chocolate fix for mummies, not baby


It's allegedly chocolate month.

In my book, that's month of the excuse to stuff your face rotten with the sweet nectar that makes most mothers deliriously happy.
It's the natural feel-good drug that helps us through those bad times (aside from wine).

But instead of indulging in all those extra calories, how about a choco fix... for the bath! 

Now, any mothers who used purée food may be familiar with HIPP chocolate pudding. A delightful yoghurt-esque dish that's probably more for mums' pleasure than it is baby! Many dads will admit to scoffing the choc pud (while pretending to feed baby) and we'd be lying if we didn't admit a cheeky taste.
And the reason I mention it is, because my latest discovery smells just like it!

Tescos have had an exclusive partnership with the 'Treacle Moon' range, yes it's been living there since July but I've only just discovered it, ok!

The particular one that enveloped my nostrils  with an intoxicating scent, was dusted cocoa heaven bath and shower gel.

Resplendent in a chocolatey galaxy hue and runny choco consistency, this is the real deal. 

It's advised to massage directly onto damp skin or pour under running water for best results. 
I rubbed it straight into my skin, as instructed and am left with a lovely light scent. Nothing too overpowering.

And with other scents like 'sweet sugared almond' and the perfect autumnal scent of 'warm apple pie hugs', the Treacle Moon team know their bath stuff.

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