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Love us or loathe us, the full team can hold their hands up and exclaim we're stretch mark free.

We all used varying methods to maintain a smooth belly, and each and every one obviously worked. Unless it was a fluke? My tip was eat lots of cake prior so you have a little leeway before baby fills the gap!

Many mums say 'it's genetic, if my mum had them, it's inevitable I will too'. WRONG.

My lovely mum has terrible silver and pink  stretch marks scars, it could have been she was so young, or the fact she absolutely ballooned, but I don't have one. (Aside from the time my arse expanded, then shrunk dramatically - so I've got some there).

This month we've been trying out Bepanthen stretch mark cream, designed to reduce the development of said marks and nourish very dry skin after birth.

The cream has Centella Asiatica, a tropical plant known to help reduce stretch marks by stimulating collagen production. It also has olive oil, vitamin B5 and glycerin to reinforce elasticity.

We've all had the renowned Bepanthen nappy cream in our baby bag, so we were expecting big things. And it didn't disappoint.

It sinks in effortlessly to the skin, and has a lovely soft scent. It's free of preservatives and colours and it's hypoallergenic. 

Obviously the consistency is nothing like the unctuous nappy cream, it's actually very light. And the packaging is sturdy, with a pump dispenser to save any mess and spillages. The only downfall? The price point: £24.99.

Now, prior to birth, and SMP, I guess this is ok, but after, big splurges are a no go (especially if daddy is anything to do with it!). I'm not speaking on behalf of everyone, I would happily part with the cash, I guess it's all subjective, and dependant whether you're a fan of a cream, an oil, or a butter. Used morning and night you'd get through 3 generous pumps per bump (each time). I'd say through pregnancy to post partum it would take two of the 150ml bottles.

But for efficacy, this has got to be up the top.
The cream de la cream!

Have you tried this? Are you a fan and a success story? We'd absolutely love to know. 

Watch this space to win one....

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