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Nestled in bustling Kensington, West London, and a stones throw from Shepherds Bush station, (although according to my incompetent iPhone – up, down and round and round in circles). The K Spa and Hotel is the perfect retreat for those wishing to remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of daily life - even if for just a few hours.

After my excruciating journey from Essex, mainly due to the latter part of getting lost, it is in fact, just three minutes max from the station. The K Spa could not have been any more perfect in timing, as a new mum... I'm exhausted.

Bursting out of the elevator, My best friend and I were greeted by a brightly lit reception, laden with products, which then led us into a waiting room with cosy leather beds, lunch menus, delicately flavoured water, magazines - everything to take your mind off of poos, teething and tantrums.One of the biggest buzz ingredients in beauty right now is Baobab, one of Africas best kept secrets.

The green fruit delicately hangs from the African Baobab tree, and the white flesh resembles fluffy marshmallows; high in antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium and potassium. It is natures own Berocca.Usually served in powder form, and in K Spa's case, a scrub, oil and delicious smoothie, the fruit has now become part of one of their signature treatments: The Feel Good Baobab Treatment costs £110 for 70 minutes. £2 of your purchase will be donated to the Aduna Foundation.

As a very stressed mum (mainly due to partner, not baby), I had high hopes the treatment would deliver escapism, and perhaps a little soujourn to the Sahara. The treatment uses Germaine De Cappucini 'Perfect Forms' products throughout. The Oil Tonic Scrub for starters, Firm & Tonic Oil, then the Dreamy Legs cooling gel. The piece de resistance (or Baobab) is a delicious smoothie, made with Aduna's Baobab Superfruit Powder.

First, I was gently eased onto a warm, heated bed. The start of the treatment was a scrub, which I usually find painful as the seeds or kernels attack my crocodile-like skin. However, the scrub was very delicate, in scent, and delivery, and as I've neglected my body for so long, it was such a treat to be pampered, yet at the same time receive a targeted treatment. I felt the dry skin melt away with each and every stroke and felt really relaxed. The scrub also works to remove impurities and aims to leave skin as soft as my baby's bottom. Beautiful!

As the therapist set to work, when it came to removing the scrub, it was a delightful yet different experience. Using a soft rocking motion with a towel to improve energy flow and also remove the debris, It was deftly whipped off. Despite the fact I was being covered in an abrasive scrub, I still felt the urge to nod off, and in my dreamy state I kept wishing my little tootsies would be included too, my poor, weary feet, but more of that later...

As I was gently rolled over onto my front, the Germaine de Cappuccini Baobab unctuous oil was applied bountifully. Now, if you think you're booking in for a massage, this it is not. There's no petrissage (deep tissue), nor Swedish techniques. It's African, don't you know! The technique they use is actually long, sweeping movements, sometimes a little eye-wincingly painful, but designed to improve energy flow and remove blockages. And this old gal, will have very little of the former. The 3-in-1 treatment (scrub, massage, pressure points) is a great way to ease yourself back into the world of pampering. Who would want to be pummelled and sore after a massage, anyway? As the skilled therapist applied more oil, I got a distinct whiff of menthol, one of the key ingredients in the product, which will help tired and weary limbs. And also a nasty cold, that seems to be going around right now. As I subconsciously willed the therapist to release the tension in my poor, neglected feet - she did! Remember, positive thinking, ladies.

Whether it was part of the treatment, or not. My throbbing feet were enveloped in the sweetly-scented products and left satisfied and relieved (as far as tired feet go).The therapist continued the sweeping massage strokes - which help the lymphatic and circulatory systems relieve tension and completely relax you (even if you are still worrying about that washing that needs rescuing from the washing machine....)

If I'm very honest, when I was gently placed on my front, it was game over. My body completely gave in, and I found myself in a dreamy state. Wandering along the Sahara with a soft, white sand blanket sifting between my toes. It was only when a heated towel was placed under my neck and used to lift my head up slightly and roll it from side to side. As my stiff tension-filled neck cracked with the movement, it awoke me from my pleasant daydream. This was the most painful part, mainly as it's where you hold the most tension, but not at any point was it not enjoyable. It was bliss.

For the final stage of the treatment, the therapist finds the pressure points on my face and scalp. Never something I've found relaxing due to sinus problems, and I always feel the point between the eyebrows a little tender. Then comes the baobab super charged smoothie. I could detect banana, and possibly papaya or mango, I'm not sure, but it was so tasty, and I was gasping after my trip to the desert, so I downed it in one - probably not the best move. Delicious as it was, it sat on my chest for a good hour after!After your treatment, and dreamy state, there's the opportunity to visit the spas' wet room, literally the most heavenly spa I've seen. And I've seen a lot.

We gasped as we walked into the cleanest, whitest of white room, with a smattering of brown and gold, twinkly lights and the most inviting aura. There are foot baths, sauna and steam room, snow room (yes!), and huge jacuzzi-pool big enough for 10! It's worth popping along just for some time out here. It's really, really peaceful and stunning. Therapists float in and out to ensure it's spotless and serene.

This is a great treatment if you are feeling de-energised and run-down – or if you want to indulge in a long and blissful massage that will scrub new life into your skin.K Spa gets a big four star 'mums' up.

LN x

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