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Asda reported that over half of parents in Britain have had to splash the cash and buy replacement toys for their children as they’ve been broken or damaged soon after opening. Something us mothers are all too familiar with, eh? 
And as Christmas is swiftly moving in - TOO familiar.

Over a QUARTER of despairing parents are refusing to replace the toy *boo* *hiss* for fear of the same happening - not to mention escalating costs!

The poll commissioned by George Home, has shown that British parents are following the ‘hand me down’ habits of the Royal Family, and are now carrying on the tradition. 

A whopping three quarters have said their children have a toy that has been passed down through generations of the family, while over a third of parents want to buy toys that will last their children’s life times and can later be passed on to their own offspring.

As a result, almost half of British parents are more in favour of buying quality wooden toys, rather than flimsy, plastic substitutes. And as huge traditional toy fans, and we want to alert you to the amazing range at ASDA, that you won't believe is actually from there!

Farm set, £20

Dolls House, £35

Building Blocks, £15

Chris Norris, Asda’s Senior Buying Manager for Toys, said: “With children regularly breaking their toys, it is no surprise that parents want something with a longer life span. With Asda’s new range of purse-friendly Wooden Toys, parents can celebrate traditional past times with toys that stand the test of time."

George Home have launched an indestructible range of 31 Wooden Toys ahead of Christmas day, family and friends can stock up on presents that will fuel children’s imagination and spark creativity, whilst being sturdy and long lasting.


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