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I have enough hair styling issues to worry about without the added problem of dandruff, especially as winter is upon us and I'll be wearing a lot of black. I wouldn't say I have a serious dandruff problem, but I do get the odd itchy scalp day and I'd rather nip it in the bud. 'Philip Kingsley flaky/itchy scalp shampoo' has been going for years but I've personally only stumbled upon it in recent months.

The first surprising thing with this shampoo was the scent; some anti-dandruff shampoos that I've used in the past have had an awful smell to them, almost like tar or some kind of chemical concoction gone wrong. This however, smelt of apples! Not too sweet, the kind of fresh scent that could appeal to men, women or kids; it was lovely to use.  The second surprise was how well it lathered up with just a small amount of product, and at £21 a bottle, I was using it sparingly. The added bonus was that it claims not to strip any colour from your hair, perfect as I just got my highlights done. 

The bottle itself has a modern and trendy design and is gender neutral so if you have a flaky friend, or husband maybe this could be the best Christmas gift they never even knew they wanted!

Like I said, I don't personally have a big problem with a flaky scalp (mine is just sometimes dry and irritable) but I have heard that this shampoo soothes even the most sensitive scalps including those with scalp psoriasis. Please do let us know by commenting below, it'd be great to hear your thoughts! 


RRP £21.00 for 250ml

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