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As a rather well versed skincare expert and mother, I'm

careful what I put on my skin, especially as it tends to flush redder than Albies favourite red car.

So it's only natural I do the same for my little prince. After all, he's probably got my peachy/pink (red) complexion, right?

I discovered Child's Farm in Boots, initially as we have a large array of products to already test, I wasn't massively enthralled nor in need of more.
With child-friendly busy packaging, cute graphics and quirky little item names, I reluctantly purchased to add to his ever expanding collection.
However, and a BIG plus... Albie loves farms! And they've won awards...
So that sold it.

couldn't have been more delighted, I bought both mini shampoo and conditioner - both with the most intoxicating sweet scent of mint and strawberry, reminiscent of a strawberry mojito.
Bathing in the days last rays, watching the sun go down and reverberating Balearics beats... Ok, I digress! Back to Balearic bath time.

All Childs Farm products undergo clinical testing and user trials so that all products are so mild, kind and safe for skin that they are even suitable for sensitive eczema prone skin, and even newborns.

The Groomed to perfection detangling shampoo contains strawberry and organic mint essential oil and Argan oil to give comb-tastic results every time.

  • Suitable for eczema prone skin.
  • For newborns & upwards.
  • Dermatologically tested and approved.
  • Paediatrician approved
  • Over 98% natural ingredients
  • NO parabens, SLS's. mineral oil or artificial colours
  • Contains organic essential oils
  • Contains Argan (Moroccan) oil

 All you need to do is rub a dollop into hair, then rinse. No sting formula, but if it gets in your eyes, rinse well with water. 

It's one of the nicest scents our nostrils have ever been tantalised by, has a great lather, and Albies hair is like flaxen gold and even baby softer than usual!
At £3.99 per 250ml, it's not cheap, but a small dollop goes a very long way on a baldilocks!

Child's Farm - we salute you.

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