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I love using my ghd's but I do worry about the damage that I'm causing to my hair; of course I use all kinds of heat protecting sprays, shampoos and strengthening conditioners but the real damage is obviously done from applying burning hot plates at over 200 degrees to my (already brittle, coloured and dry) locks. That's where the Braun Sensocare ST780 Straightener is different — it claims to give damage free styling. The built-in sensors detect moisture levels of each strand of hair and automatically adjust the temperature as it glides from root to tip. 

It looks just like any other straightener, the plates are only a tiny bit wider than my ghds, its got a nice feel to it (not clunky and cumbersome like some) so creating curls and waves with its curved edge is pretty easy. Sounds good so far? Just wait. The thing I love that I've not come across before on this kind of device, is the intuative LCD screen. It actually gives you feedback! Isn't it bad enough that we get feedback at work, annual appraisals etc without having a styling test every time we do our hair? At first I was wondering how to turn it off, but when it told me I was going too slow I realised that this is the brilliance of the product. I was going too fast, and therefore had to keep going over each section, potentially damaging my hair further. It also warns you if your hair is damp – my bed head hair didn't have this problem but good to know.

If that wasn't enough to rave about, there's still one more fantastic feature. As with most new technology, it's all about the 'profiles'. In this case, you can programme in three of them; enough for your mum/sister/flatmate, or as in my house, my huband! You have to tell it your hair thickness, length and if it's coloured so then along with the moisture level detection, it can adjust the temperature as it sweeps down your hair...of course it's hard to say if it actually changes as you go from root to tip, I guess we just have to trust Braun on that. 

If this all sounds a bit too much, there is the option to turn it onto manual, so you can adjust the temperature yourself from 160-200 degrees. This would be a great gift for a styling novice, but equally good for straightening addicts who have hair in need TLC. 

RRP 89.99 but available currently on amazon for just £59.99.


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