As parents, there's nothing in the world more rewarding and heartwarming than experiencing your baby's first milestones.  

Some of the most endearing and magical moments, belong to those first ones you share together. That first little gurgle, the first precarious steps, even the first bear hug - they're moments you can't possibly beat, and ones you'll never want to miss.

Which is why, here at Babyurbeautiful we are proud to be supporting this incredibly worthwhile Pampers campaign to help more babies around the world experience their firsts.

For the 9th year, Pampers have joined with UNICEF to support the '1 pack = 1 vaccine' annual campaign and  really need our support. Since 2006, the campaign has funded an incredible 300 million vaccines for fatal newborn tetanus, eliminating the disease in 15 countries. But there are still babies in 24 of the world's poorest countries at risk and we want YOU to help us out here.

All you need to do is simply watch this video, then pampers will donate the cost of 3 vaccines to UNICEF.

It will take less than a minute of your day to make such a difference to such precious young lives. So please click on the video here:

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