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It's hard to know what products to use on the sensitive skin of your newborn, or in fact any age baby; many of our favourite lotions and potions contain ingredients that we can't even pronounce, let alone know what they are. 

So hurrah for the new JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCHrange: wipes, moisturising lotion, oil, all-in-one wash, shampoo and barrier cream. All are specifically formulated to contain only essential ingredients (no fragrance, no colour). 

The products are just as lovely as their original ones but with the added knowledge and reassurance that they are designed and formulated especially for newborns. What I especially love is the way Johnson's have really thought about the packaging. The moisturising lotion has an easy-to-hold bottle with nice big chunky flip-top lid, yet has a tiny nozzle - perfect as little newborn babies only need a teeny squirt, not a big splodge. The barrier cream comes in a tube rather than a tub so it's great for your changing bag, and (hopefully) less chance of leaking by the lid coming off. The cream has a clay-like consistency but at the same time it's not too thick - just right for rubbing into the skin. 

The product that has me intrigued the most are the wipes. I am yet to get my hands on some but I will certainly be tracking down a pack in the next few days - they are described "As safe as cotton wool and water". When I was in hospital after just having my little girl, the midwife repeatedly told me to use just cotton wool and water. It worked fine at first, but after a few weeks, (and then months) my little one kept getting a red bum and preparing warm water and cotton wool in the night (with the dimmest lightbulb ever) wasn't the easiest thing. I didn't want to use any products but the cotton wool and water method just wasn't practical. Moving to wipes made my life SO much easier and she hasn't had a sore bum since - but it would be great to have the best of both worlds. Tomorrow I will be off to Tesco to hunt down some wipes...(exciting times!) 

Prices from £2.49
Currently on offer at Tesco, save £3 when you spend £12 or more on Johnsons Baby toiletries/wipes

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