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As I pottered around Primark, I stumbled across one of those face masks you used to treat yourself to as a teen with your pocket money. You know the ones? 
Often pink or green in colour, muds, peel-off, heat-up, little bit dated in packaging, a glam model oh the front resplendent in pink goo with strategically placed fruit on her eyes (and often in her gob).
Those ones.

And whist they look a little bit crud, at a purse-friendly £1, they're not to be sniffed at. 
Most of 'em will give you a good two masques at least.

So, as I've been one of the lucky ladies to be wiped out with flu, as well as my little one. Cue whining, and snotty messes pour deux, my skin has gone to POT! 
Red raw nose, rash around my mouth, spots I never had. Attractive.

In my desperation I grabbed the first thing to hand - the aforementioned mask:
Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Mask between £1-1.49 depending on the retailer.

Tingly on application, and taut as Tom Daly's abs the masque set to work and hardened within minutes. 
To the point I couldn't smile or speak (probably a good thing).
With a mud blend of aloe vera, willow, rosemary and tingly spot-attacking witch hazel, the mask left my skin refreshed, to say the least. 
I can't promise it'll get rid of acne, but it certainly calmed my red-raw skin. 
For a quick-fix and a nice treat while you bathe - I'd certainly recommend a go.

LN x

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