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Nathalie Eleni, Facialist

Nathalie Eleni is THE go-to skin guru to the stars. Her clientele include the gorgeous Carey Mulligan, Natalie Portman and Sandra Bullock.
A new mum herself to Louis, 2, she knows just how to cheat a full night's sleep by using a trick or two.
We press the beautiful facialist for all her insider knowledge exclusively for babyurbeautiful readers...

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Bubs: Nathalie, our skin is in dire need of help, why are we having problems with it right now?

N: Dry, flakey skin and Rosacea are very common skin concerns during the colder months.
Dry and sensitised skin can be caused from extreme temperature changes, being out in the freezing cold then coming inside warm central heating (which has an extreme drying effect).
Simple things like driving when you have the heat blasting out can affect skin massively. The dry, hot air can aggravate dehydrated skin further by disturbing the skins natural barrier, more moisture escapes and it causes parched and inflamed skin.
Keep a humidifier on during the night, it will add moisture to the air to help rehydrate whilst you sleep, as well as helping with sinus congestion from a winter cold that can sit under the eyes and over the cheek area giving your face a unflattering puffy look.

Bubs: But, what if it's really cold and you can't help whacking the heating on (brrr!)

N: When you're in the car make sure you don't point the heating towards your face as the heat will aggravate chapped winter skin, and protect your skins moisture levels with a face balm that is packed with Vitamin E that should protect from both hot and cold temperatures.

Bubs: Any overnight treats that will cheat a full nights sleep?

N: Yes! For a great night-time skin pick-me-up, place your favourite facial oil in your Avent baby heater and warm it up gently for a luxurious facial treatment. When applied to your face the heat will help the oil absorb for beautifully nourished skin by the morning.
If you are on a budget, make your own oil by adding 3 drops of Lavender essential oil to 5ml of Almond oil (dry skin) or Grapeseed (blemished skin) and place in the heater before massaging into your skin.

Bubs: Any other cheats to conceal that standard mummy sallow skin?

N: Facial massage is really beneficial in winter months when your circulation can be come sluggish. Start from the chin and working from the centre outwards use gently circular massage
movements. Use pressure points from either side of the nose pressing out under the cheekbone to remove toxins and help remove puffiness caused by sinus build up from winter colds. This will instantly brighten your complexion.
Try some muscle stretching along and between the eye brows and pressing your middle finger on to your brow then firmly lifting upwards, this will help to lift and open tired eyes, press outwards along the orbital with an eye gel to flush out toxins and to give a more refreshed look to eyes. A cheap and easy way to bring life back into your skin.

Bubs: We've been a little lazy of late, are using your baby's wipes to remove make-up, really that bad?

N: Yes! Everyone needs a quick-fix at times, but buy some Rose Water from a health shop and some cotton wool and keep it by your bed for when you are really tired.
Instead of reaching for the baby wipes, saturate a cotton-pad and wipe over your face several times until it's clean, it will take a minute, and is much better for your skin.
If you are going to use wipes, either Neals Yard or Yes to Carrots organic wipes are best - but not the cheapest.

Bubs: If you're time pressed, but your skin looks lacklustre, what top tips do you swear by?

N: Use a cleansing brush such as Braun Face to deeply clean pores, remove dead skin build up and enhance circulation in your skin for a brighter tone. They're the next big thing.
Add an illuminator to your moisturiser for added glow.
A pop of Rose pink cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and patted into your lips can give the impression of a good 8-hour kip
A highlighting under eye concealer in the inner corners will wake up and refresh, in the outer - it can sit and make lines look worse.
Dehydration lines are so ageing, and a good hydrating face serum with hyaluronic acid will help to fill them out.

Bubs: We've run out of SMP, do you have any budget-busting kitchen cupboard type tips?

N: Oh yes, natural yogurt is a great skin brightener as it contains lactic acid which eats away at the dead dulling cells. Apply to clean skin and leave for 10 mins before rinsing and applying a Vitamin E cream.

Bubs: Is it bad to go to sleep with your makeup on, and why? I keep nodding off...

N: Of course! It will clog pores, which can lead to the appearance of enlarged pores. Also your eyes can become puffy and irritated as some of the mascara can get into your eyes when you are sleeping.

Bubs: Damn! What trends would you say are big this winter? What looks do you love and think would be easy for mums to recreate?

N: A tinted moisturiser to multi-task, a swirl of bronzer to add warmth, a slick of mascara and a deep plum or blackberry matte lipstick like M.A.C in 'Media' for the ultimate glamour and sophistication this winter.

                                         Left to right: plum bright, prince noir, runaway red, media

LN x 


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