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Bathtime Bubbles Whale - V Tech Bathtime Whale

Scrub a dub’s bubble time in the tub!

We just had to write and tell you about this bathtime beauty, now two of the team are happily enjoying their 'Whaley' good purchase, with one soon to follow...

It's really lovely seeing our little men mesmerised when bubbles are keeping them occupied in the bath, as the stacking cups are getting a bit old hat now (and since a poo scooping bath incident), it's kinda refreshing. 

If you have a young baby it's excellent, as you can sit them up in their bath seat, like a safety first swivel bath seat, which allows you to be hands free. 
This bubble producing, all singing and dancing flashing toy makes for a WHALE of a (bath) time for both mum and baby.

It's got a few calypso beats, so it's and good for mood enhancing.  It even has a song which sounds suspiciously like Robbie Williams “Candy”, (wonder who's getting the royalties) but it’s not. Maybe the baby version!

It has got super strong suction to hold it in place and is completely waterproof.  We're pleasantly surprised at how super easy to fit and use it is and it hasn't got mould or full of freezing cold water like most do.

It's great for making bathtime more interactive as baby gets older, and to keep usual gloopy bubbles low maintanance on the clear up side of things.    

It's available for around £19.99 at most retailers, however Argos has 2 for 3 on all toys, so the cheapest is free - get involved!

SK & LN x 

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