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Now that the sweet smelling Christmas cups are out in Starbucks and the weather's turned nippy, it's time to accept the fact that winter is well and truly here and Christmas is fast approaching! I love the excitement of shopping for gifts and of course buying new clothes for my 'winter wardrobe' (no, I don't have anything to wear from last year, new clothes needed.) But the seasonal item I didn't realise I needed until now, is in fact a new razor...?

Last week the Babyurbeautiful team were lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive launch of Gillette Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor - it was such a beautiful narnia-esque scene and really got us in the mood for winter! 

Now let's be honest, a razor is probably not hot on your list of important things to buy this time of year; if you're anything like me, as soon as that frost comes it's black tights on, long pyjamas and not a bare leg in sight until March! Okay, maybe I'll shave if it's the Christmas party or if I get a spare moment of sanity and consciously think I better sort myself out (I'm not a beast, honestly). 

Well, now my routine is about to change – the Venus ProSkin makes life so much easier; dermalogically tested, its five floating blades glide up the legs and the extra-rich protective ribbon of moisture lubricates and protects the skin – even the next morning my pins felt nourished and no sign of irritation. This is the key factor for me, because I hate it when I shave and get flaky, dry, bothersome skin the next day - our legs need extra help with the cold British winds! Even when lathering on the most enriching moisturiser, if the shave is no good, I get prickly, chapped, pensioner style legs (no offence Nan) and that's not a good look. 

So it's out with the old and in with the new. I've binned my summer razor and replaced it with a gorgeous new turquoise I just need some new skirts to motivate me to actually shave! As if hearing my thoughts (fears!), Gillette are asking us ladies to capture our winter bare legs in the name of fashion and beauty #whateverweather 


RRP £9.99 but on offer for a devilish £6.66 at Boots right now


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