Wow, we've finally found something that helps bedtime! Hallelujah!

The Slumber Buddy.

Slumber Buddy Elephant

I purchased the cute elephant variety. 
Due to me finding out I was preggers in Thailand,  I then decided my son would then be obsessed with Elephants, natch. So there's why I went for 'Eddie the Elephant.'

The Slumber Buddy is in the form of a teddy (elephant) with a plastic shell on the top where a star a moon display projects around the room in a warming blue, green and amber, and is really rather cute with stars, moons etc.

It also works as a nightlight giving the room a warm glow so baby feels comforted.
There are 3 lullabies available, 2 nature sounds and a heart-beat (this is probably best for very young babies). Although when my son had a bad belly I found myself rocking him on the rocking chair, at 4am, listening to a repetitive heartbeat for half an hour!
The general lullabies and soothing music lulls your little ones to sleep, and the calming display catches their attention, soothes, calms and relaxes them.

I've also tried the slumber buddy at alternative times, I found that when my little one is having a meltdown at nappy change time I press the button and the music kicks in and actually shuts him up! 

Although suitable from birth, we only found this 10 months in - if ONLY we had found it sooner. 

Bedtimes are normally tears, tantrums and fighting and random giggles as he refuses to go down. As I type this post I can hear the lullaby tune playing softly in his room, with a 30 minute shut off time (also a 15 and 45), by the time he's in a deep, deep sleep it'll finish up.

If you're looking for a babyshower gift - this is your buddy.

Slumber Buddy Tesco

LN xx

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