HOT MUMMAS | 29 celebrities who turn or have turned 36 in 2014


Today I turned 36. I don't mind, but I'm suddenly more aware lately of looking old, especially working in an office with a lot of twenty-somethings.

So in honour of the downward slide to 40, I've compiled a gallery of celebrities who were also born in 1978. I've tried to find pics that are unlikely to have been airbrushed and where they aren't wearing a shedload of make-up, but in the spirit of fairness I've also avoided those hideous no make-up shots.

I was originally going to make this just women but there are some hot guys my age out there so why not share the love? Though I admit I haven't been as discriminating with the men's photos and chose ones where they look as hot as possible. Hey, it is my birthday!

January Jones. Born January 5, 1978

Joanna Page. Born March 23, 1978

Myleene Klass. Born April 6, 1978

Rachel Stevens. Born April 9, 1978

Stana Katic. Born April 16, 1978

Katie Price. Born May 22, 1978

Zoe Saldana. Born June 19, 1978

Erica Durance. Born June 21, 1978

Nicole Scherzinger. Born June 29, 1978

Suranne Jones. Born August 27, 1978

Alesha Dixon. Born October 7, 1978

Rachel McAdams. Born November 17, 1978

Katherine Heigl. Born November 24, 1978

Nelly Furtado, Born December 7, 1978

Katie Holmes. Born December 18, 1978

And now for the men. What are the chances that they are looking great as they near 40? Damn them!
Also be warned, this section is very gratuitous ...

Ashton Kutcher. Born February 7, 1978

Jensen Ackles. Born March 1, 1978

Alessandro Juliani. Born April 3, 1978
(Not your traditional hottie, but have to give him props for being in Battlestar Galactica and Smallville)

Santiago Cabrera. Born May 5, 1978

Matthew Davis. Born May 8, 1978

Joshua Jackson. Born June 11, 1978

Frank Lampard. Born June 20, 1978
(ok not quite as hot as the others, but threw him in here for the benefit of my Chelsea fan husband)

Ben McKenzie. Born September 12, 1978

Anthony Mackie. Born September 23, 1978

Matthew Morrison. Born October 30, 1978
(Obviously Glee ruined his sex appeal somewhat. That hair and those cardis - uurgh. But apparently there was a time when he was quite hot!)

Sisqo. Born November 9, 1978
(That thong thong-thong-thong thong. Ha ha. Even so, man's got some abs under that mankini)

Ian Somerhalder. Born December 8 1978

Jesse Metcalfe. Born December 9, 1978

Rhys Thomas. Born December 12 1978

Now I feel much better about being 36! I'm in pretty good company.

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