HOT MUMMAS | Garnier Ultimate Blends loves my hair (and my hair loves it)


As you may have read on a previous blog, a while back I decided to have my hair highlighted as I want to go back to blonde. But unfortunately and admittedly lazily, I haven't been back to the hairdresser since and I now have some serious roots.

The problem with roots when you've had highlights is that they are generally much oilier than the blonder ends and so it can be hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that doesn't make the situation worse, let alone make it better. And I have to wash my hair daily as otherwise it gets greasy.

I did find a good one before I got pregnant. I think it was called Herbal Essences Balance, but they changed it at some point and it stopped being as good. But on a recent shop I discovered a good one.

There is a new range called Garnier Ultimate Blends, and I took a punt on the one called the Marvellous Transformer (I originally wanted the Shine Revitaliser but Boots had sold out).

Turns out it's really good. Not only does it balance out my hair but it makes it feel lovely and healthy too. My hair hasn't felt this good since I was pregnant!

Why not try one of the range? The shampoo and conditioners are £2.79 each on but look out for deals in store, as I think I got mine on a 2-4-1 deal.

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