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Are you very sun safe and savvy when it comes to your own sun care? 
So surely, even more so when it comes to your baby?

We've been testing high and low, from Marbs to Cyprus to Portugal to the UK.

Here's our Baby safe tanning guide as rated by us:

Sudocrem, £14.99 for 150ml
Within 5 minutes of application, my little one's skin had a red mottled rash, his face, his arms, his legs. Maybe it's a one off, but I wiped it all off with baby wipes. Sudocrem as a whole is great for all the family, but I wonder if it's just too harsh for young babies?
Now scarily, I've hunted around to find the link for you and the manufacturer has discontinued it on most sites! What does that say?!

1/5 *

Superdrug Solait, £4.99 for 100ml, again, regular special offers.

Rubs in well, no problems. Packaging is average but secure.
The scent is inoffensive and the product works well. Very high protection and good performing product. The ladies at the Superdrug counter were quick to praise it's efficacy. But one of our testers noted the cream stained her babies clothes with an off white hue. Hmm.

3/5 ***

Boots Soltan baby, £8.99 for 200ml, but we got this on offer for half price.

This scored super well with us, one of our testers is very sensitive to the sun and she rates this trusted brand highly. Being a sun cream snob, I wasn't so sure, however using this throughout 30 degrees heat and my little man staying protected (but with nice tanned legs) it's a big thumbs up.
The packaging is strong and secure, the amount that comes out is controlled, with a nice consistency for something of such high SPF, rubbed in well and evenly and is defo our top pick.

4.5/5 ****

Ambre Solait baby in shade spf50, £3.00 for 50ml

There's been a few times I've been caught short without SPF cream (naughty mummy), I've whizzed into boots and snapped up this baby bag mini.
Ultra soft high protectant it applies nice and thickly without taking too long to sink in. The packaging is standard, simple and great for handbags, no parabens or perfume are in this product.
Did the job, a perfectly protected baby at a good price. 

4/5 ****

M & S Baby Suncare SPF50, £6 for 75ml

A pleasant scent and a good coverage, not heavy or hard work to apply. If you have a wriggly baby, it's a nightmare if the consistency is too thick. The packaging is good for handbags, although over time the lid became a little looser and flapped about in the baby bag. All in all a really good hypoallergenic water resistant contender.

3/5 ***

*Remember to always try and keep baby in the shade, their skin is far more sensitive than ours. Keep heads protected with a hat, and re-apply after water exposure. Keep baby hydrated with milk or water.*


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