GLUM MUMS I Even the calmest mother can't cope some days


I love my kids, they are amazing, my world, my happiness.
Yet a word of warning for anyone considering having a second baby while the first is still a baby or toddler- it's not easy! Even the calmest mother will have days where she feels she can't cope.
Having worked as an event manager and PA, I am pretty skilled in calm multitasking.
However, some days,  a baby that won't sleep but won't stop crying and a toddler that won't stop whining, after being up all night with a baby that won't sleep- well! Even two cups of coffee and a bar of chocolate can't stop me feeling like I am gonna implode today!!
Also with a move abroad to organise and an impending return to work I am feeling a little crazy! Not sure if I want to throw up or eat.
Of course not all days are like this, and the rewards are great, seeing the beautiful moments between the little ones, but be prepared for days where your body and brain feel like they are about to shut down!
Thank goodness for the respite of the lunchtime nap, if you are lucky enough to coordinate the two. Today is that day. Phew. Human again.

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