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It's not often I'll post about a wipe. But I was tempted to try new ones from an Ocado flash sale.
When you're about to complete your purchase you're offered a few bargains; from half price mince (that is never available), or this particular time: Baby Kind sensitive baby wipes for 62p! Barg-a-Rama.

My little man's bottom is rather sensitive, so we stick to Superdrug, Tesco & Pampers sensitive variety. All roughly about 50-£1 per piece (on offer).
If I change to fragranced wipes his little bum goes from peachy pink to red raw.

The flash sale had the wipes up for 62p for 60! Yes, a great price, but was it a great wipe? Did it pass the poo test, or more importantly... Mummy's eye makeup!
 I always find if the wipe is gentle enough to use on my face, in particular eyes, then it's definitely passed my little prince's bum test and gets bums and thumbs up.
My face didn't even tingle as I whipped my makeup off. 

The wipes are paraben-free, Alcohol-free and biodegradable, they also have lovely soothing aloe vera (Hello Vera, as I've said for years). 
They're ultra gentle, ultra soothing, and more importantly, ten don't fly out of the packet at once!
I don't know why they were on special offer, I tend to think they want to get rid of them. But genuinely, on this occasion,  I think they were making customers aware of them. And hooray for flash sales!
Sign up to ocado and stockpile now.


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