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That's me. Lazy whenever it comes to anything to do with removing makeup (oh, and general housework).

I've been a devotee to Simple face wipes since childhood (was once drunk and told a simple rep who sent us a lifetime supply!) yet my eyes speak otherwise.
They look tired and dehydrated, and my once supple teenage skin is no longer that, my eyes are crying out for something easy and effective.

REN.. After my namesake is my eye tipple of choice. A brand synonymous with natural skincare. Free from nasties, parabens, silicones, fragrance et al.
                 REN - one pump or two

Light and milky it sweeps eye makeup off swiftly (express version) it contains rice bran oil, so it's nice and rich, and vitamin P (plant extracts) and rose to soothe, and hydrate. My eyes are always sore with anything other than my Simple wipes, but with this I feel satisfied I've got all the grime of the day off, and my skin feels soft and supple and moisturised after.

Never mind the ingredients though, us mums want to know is it worth the splurge? 

When I price checked this, I was pleasantly surprised at £13 for 150ml it's really not that bad at all, two small pumps per eye (on a heavy night out) or one each eye maybe with a tad of water and a little goes a long way. 
And REN is available at M & S beauty halls now, so with your three for ten you can slap in a cheeky REN! 


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  1. The Sisley make up remover is amazing but SO expensive I had to remortgage my house. This sounds way more reasonable. *slaps it on her Xmas list*


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