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Through the summer months, and sometimes winter, I often fancy an iced 

coffee. How about you?

As I'm now on a budget, a £3.00 frappe just won't suffice - £4.50 if you're at a service station (you thieving baristas!)

I love the Starbucks ready prepared supermarket variety. 
The Seattle latte, the vanilla frappucino all come in at £1.60, I just don't like the price point. 
Equally, Jimmy's is great (I first tried this at V when I was pregnant and off the booze) but again nearing the same amout, that's nearly £10 a week on a supermarket coffee addiction. Ouch. 

I do often spy the coffees on special, two for £2 and similar offers, in particular Emmi caffe latte is £1.35 and has this regular 2 for £2 offer, but you'll be hard pressed to bloody find two as my Tescos express has often sold out - obviously a lot of stressed frappe-loving mummas!

Well imagine my suprise when I found one for 59p. 
Yes you coffee bean lovers, flick that bean with delight, because I'm one frappe chappy thanks to Aldi!

I tested out the light and full fat variety on daddy (my guinea pig ha ha), who'd had a few early starts, and didn't even notice it wasn't a Starbucks or Emmi variety. In fact the full fat is meant to be rocket fuel in the world of beans! 
Stronger than Starbucks or Emmi & Jimmys (although I've always thought Jimmys was quite hardcore).
It's even made with arabica beans - high quality beans amongst you coffee connoisseurs.

I did a bit of delving and found these chirpy reviews. But get involved!
 For the price of one Starbucks frappucino you can get a weeks worth in Aldi. 5 x 59p = 2.95. Boom!

LN x

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