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It's funny, really. Prior to knowing it's the coolest pram brand around, if someone had said Buga & Boo to you, you'd think what on earth are they on?

But that's another story that I need to find out...
Because right here, and right now it IS a amazing pram brand and everyone wants to be a part of it.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the bugaboo bee3 the ultimate city pram (I own a cameleon which is more for the 'burbs).

It took us around 2 hours to get to the OXO tower where it was held, because someone decided to head to London Bridge and not Southwark (lol).
Anyway, we got there in one piece still smiling, and it all seemed a little chaotic. We're used to beauty press launches, with prosecco-a-plenty and carnivorous canapés. Not feeling like a spare part, fighting other ravenous sleep-deprived mums for the last mini fish & chips, or at least someone to
point you to the main attraction: the pram!

Then a mini film premiere that conked out before it was even screened, and quite frankly didn't make me any more educated about the pram. I was more discombobulated and disoriented than when I arrived. 
That said, on the teeny bit I caught, they were trying to demo how accessible and easy to use it is at various locations using the lovely Sarah Cawood.

Thank goodness for a friendly face with enviable ash blonde hair and perfectly arched power brows, who worked directly for bugaboo and couldn't have been more attentive and lovely. Cheers Phoebe! She let both our little pickles road-test the Bee and answered any burning questions for our followers.
The pram actually launched Monday worldwide, yet the press launch was Tues. You can buy it now, at John Lewis.

The BB3:

  • Suitable from birth to 17kg (37lbs)
  • Five point sturdy harness with height & shoulder straps
  • Swivel wheels and rear wheels 6' with durable foam-filled rubber tyres 
  • Washable fabrics
  • 19lbs weight 
  • Unfolded width 21'
  • Under seat basket 22 litre 
  • Extendable sun canopy 
  • Height adjustable backrest & handlebar 
  • Reversible and reclinable seat 
  • Extendable seat 
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Light, easy and compact fold for buses, small cars and is light to carry or pack away.

It comes with a rain cover, seat unit, seat fabric (choose dark khaki, red, grey melange or black). And a chassis of aluminium or black. Then an extendable sun canopy and all the trimmings. However, to make it suitable from birth, the carrycot, apron, adapters and cocoon are available as extra accessories ie separate cost - and a 'muff' or 'apron' whatever you want to call them would roughly cost you £80.

Cocoon cover accessory.

The seat fabric colours are funky and on trend like bright yellow (pictured) 

Grey melange, soft pink, ice blue etc 

In comparison to the previous Bee, it's kept the features it's known and loved for, but in adding a detachable carrycot it's given it a lot wider appeal.
It's perfect from birth, and allows your baby to lie flat, but it's not suitable for overnight sleeping (not that I'd leave my baby in a pram for the night?!)
In comparison to the previous Bee the storage basket has an extra 6 litres (up from 16 to 22). 
The sun canopy extends further and has UPF 50+ protection, great for teeny summer babies. The fabric is also new and Bugaboo claims it is more breathable and comfortable.
According to Which, there are 64 colour combinations to choose from, I.e mix and match the various above.
On the newBee (see what I did there) they have also improved the wheels and chassis and harness, which I must admit when I used it, I thought it was far better than my basic cameleon harness. With its easy clean 5-point click system, there's no way of catching your fingers like I always bloody do in my 2-click version, that can't currently keep my son flat back back in his seat. He's always leaning forward or over, despite me tightening it all up.
For the bare basics it's £539, any extras are reasonable as above. Click here to be one of the coolest mothers in town!

LN x 

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