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Have you had a chance to check out the toy range at Asda at all?
When I popped in over the summer, I  picked up some ball pool balls, a sturdy paddling pool (£3) which the cat then proceeded to burst - cheers Marths. And a V-Tech walker, which I found was one of the cheapest priced around (£23.97).

But as the summer hols come to a close (waaaa) Asda have upped their game to offer loads of fab toys like little tikes roll around farm (£10), Play-doh Workstation (£9), Little Tikes Learn with me pad (£12) on a mega special offer of 2 for £14. Yes- what a fab deal! That's huge savings of around £10 for two educational toys. 

We've also recently found a fabulous new toy for little man courtesy of Asda: The 'Revving Racer'.
He's speeding around on his knees, and since he's started walking with the aforementioned walker we need something for him to quite simply chase and blow some steam! 

He smacks it on the top to get it moving, and the music blaring, lights flashing etc - and off he goes! And I can safely say it's not repetitive or annoying, like some. And the supercalafragalistic to name but one is fun and lively and musters a smile (from me too!)

(Action man shot!)

The Little Tikes Revving Racers is £15.
  • Minimum age: 18+ months
  • Press the buttons on the roof to go backwards and forwards, make engine noises, flash the lights and play tunes - I particularly like the tunes!
  • Not included in toy offer, sadly
But whilst I'm waffling and raving about their toys, having made a very fun and interesting visit to Asdas Christmas show,  we discovered they're offering traditional wooden toys for Christmas (available now).
I'm a big fan of sturdy wooden toys, given that they are great for hand to eye coordination and those chubby hands to grip. 
Usually eye-wincingly expensive for their craftsmanship, Asdas prices are rather good. 
From a wooden castle for £30, to a workmans bench, £30, cash register, £10 and car transporter, £10.
Such great presents at purse-friendly prices.
That's why mums go to Asda, eh?
Look out for our competition soon....


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