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Olay Total Effects CC Cream Complexion Corrector

I'm the type of woman that would scare people half to death if I went out without makeup on, or at the very least I would get enquiring looks as if I were ill. I'm pasty, patchy and spot prone.

It's not uncommon for the doorbell to ring and I'm bare faced, or I have to urgently dash to the corner shop. Thank goodness for my Olay CC cream. It looks like foundation but has the texture of my normal Olay moisturiser – it gives a light coverage whilst keeping dry skin at bay, provides SPF protection, anti ageing and over time it evens out skin tone too. You gotta love multi-action products, I don't always have time for the full facial routine.

I also feel like I'm being frugal, (love that feeling) there's no point in 'wasting' my pricier foundation to just nip to the park with my baby for half an hour, especially when this CC cream does the job in just one pump of the bottle.

The cream rubs in easily and gives me the slight glow I need to feel okay about leaving the house – it's not a foundation substitute, but it's great if you're just nipping out, or if you're lucky enough not to have to wear make up everyday.

The only point to consider is that it's a little greasy; I've got spot prone skin so to avoid blocking my pores I tend to only use it a couple of times per week (or when the postman knocks on my door).

Available at stores nationwide, RRP 14.99 for 50ml.

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