SAVVY MUMMAS | While stocks last


Another great reason to pop along to Asda in the next week – as part of their Baby Event (running until 15th September) their pharmacies are offering a months' Folic Acid supply free of charge to expectant mothers or those trying to conceive. 

Whilst at the Asda Pharmacy (available in 255 stores) you can also gain immediate access to a fully qualified health professional  who can offer invaluable advice on health, diet and tips for sustaining a healthy pregnancy. 

Folic Acid is an essential vitamin to take pre and during early pregnancy as it can reduce the risk of severe birth defects as well as complications during pregnancy. 

So nip down to Asda, pick up some bargains in the Baby Event, and take advantage of free Folic Acid should you need it! You heard it here first...

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