HOT MUMMAS | Competition time Love Boo


It's been a little while since we've had a competition and now we have a fab one for you yummy mummies.

The Love Boo brand is synonymous wit pampering, and taking care of yourself. 
You may more famously know them for their top selling perineum oil *blushes*.
Our lady bits loved it - so, so should you!

So, we have a Marvellous mummy kit to giveaway with bath soak, body wash, miracle oil and body soother. All rated and raved about by the BUBs team.

All we want from you is to subscribe and follow us on the blog & twitter and ping us your favourite activity or pastime to do with your bump or baby. 

Mine is having a nice quiet coffee in M & S while he sits quietly taking in the world around him, both chilled, content and happy in each other's company.

  • Splendidly Soothing Bath Soak: Pour two capfuls into a warm, running bath and relax for at least 15 minutes. Your skin will emerge softer than ever thanks to a moisturising blend of mallow and white water lily.
  • Silky Soft Body Wash: Put a 10p-piece sized blob on a body puff or hands and wash from top to toe - your skin will be soft and scented in no time.
  • Super Stretchy Miracle Oil: Apply when skin is still damp when you step out of the bath. Your skin will be warm and pores will be open making it absorb ultra-quickly and deeply.
  • Soft & Creamy Body Smoother: Double the moisture by applying Body Smoother immediately after Miracle Oil, it'll seal in the oil and leave you with the silkiest skin ever!

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