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Getting a salon gel manicure is a treat I reserve for holidays and weddings; I love the thick luscious gel shine look and the fact that they can last 2 weeks or more with no unsightly chipping! If only I could have gorgeous looking nails all the time, it's such a confidence booster!

At the moment I tend to leave my nails bare because if I paint them myself, I just know they'll chip – and with a curious-crawling-into everything 9 month old baby, I won't get around to removing it, and let's face it, that's not a good look!

Now that my SMP has stopped (aaaah!) I have to watch the pennies even more and spend wisely. As salons charge at least £20 a time, I thought that the Red Carpet Manicure kit (including LED light) could be my next investment. After all, after just 5 sets of nails, this would work out cheaper than going to the salon and I wouldn't even have to leave the comfort of my sofa.

I was surprised how compact the box was, (no bigger than two packs of baby wipes) the LED light machine is similar in size and shape to a large stapler, it's sleek and light too so don't worry about storage. The instructions were pretty easy to follow (even when distracted by the tv!) and after a couple of easy priming techniques, you basically paint a thin layer of varnish onto your nails and cure it under the LED light for 2 mins, repeating with a second coat and a top coat. Despite having my cat in the way sitting on my lap the whole time, an hour later I am the proud owner of professional looking, purple sparkly nails!

Their removal kit comes complete with perfect sized foil pieces and foam squares making it quick and easy to remove – which is just what I need as I have been known in the past to pick the gel off and ruin my natural nails!

This is a great product for any mums that don't have time to go to the salon and in the long run it works out cheaper too.
chose the gorgeous purple 'Sweet Decadence' glitter varnish – equally perfect for a night out, or like me, a trip to Tesco feeling fabulous!

Gel polish starter kit (inc LED light) £89.95
Red Carpet Manicure After Party Exclusives Collection £12.95 each, 6 glittery shades to choose from.

All available from

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