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Exhaustion combined with (lately) a poor unbalanced diet has resulted in my skin looking dull and prone to break-outs. Clarins have launched a new 'True Radiance' foundation and this sounds like just what I need to combat my nightmare skin.

Quite often I find foundations with medium/full coverage are so thick that no matter how little and carefully I apply, I'm left with a caked-on effect; despite the slightly thin consistency of this new Clarins foundation, just one squeeze of the pump applicator was all that I needed  - moisturising feel, red spots hidden and uneven skin corrected, yet somehow my freckles peeked through and my skin glowed. 

The real surprise however, was the scent - I've never before noticed that a foundation could have a scent, yet as it glided on I could really smell something fresh, similar to cucumber? Upon further inspection of the packaging, I think it must be the 'Moringa Seed' extract - according to Clarins "a unique plant extract that is recognised for its ability to limit pollution particles settling on the skin."  So basically it's perfect for any city-dwellers wanting to ward off dirty smoggy air.

Pretty impressive already, and to top it off it also has SPF 15 to keep sun damage and wrinkles at bay.

RRP £27 for 30ml. Available at department stores nationwide or from (the Clarins website are offering a free £30 gift when you spend £60, until 21st September)

and after...

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