GLUM MUMS I Getting places (or not) with baby and toddler


So today I decided to try the new local swimming pool, Glassmill in Lewisham. Checked website for opening times. Big thing for me trying to take the 2 kids on my own. Trekked there on bus, paid, went in, got changed, got in pool, only to be told the pool is closed for a lesson and I am not supposed to have two kids to one adult anyway. Then had to get dry and changed and leave with my 2.5 year old disappointed and 7 month old baby tired. Got a refund but doesn't make up for the incompetence and inconvenience.
Apparently another local pool Deptford Wavelengths does sessions in mornings where I can take them both so will try that next time.
Going to Spain for a few months soon and looking forward to having a pool in my garden!
Anyone else experienced issues getting out and about with baby and toddler? Tweet us #bubs #babytoddlerdramas

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