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 I've never really felt the need to drink at home, at least not unless I'm hosting guests or better still, hosting a full blown party. But since having child number two the phrase 'wine o'clock' has developed a more tangible significance ;-)

I'm sure most of you already have a favorite tipple, but for my part I've always found it difficult to find a wine that I really enjoy for the taste. You know, rather than the alcohol content. In general I prefer drinking white wine but for some reason I feel like drinking at home requires red. And I've always found red a bit too heavy. My other problem is that when I do come across one I actually like I have a tendency to forget it's name so I can't find it again.

So in the name of 'thank f*%k the children are finally in bed' winding down, I've been testing a few out recently for the greater good and all that :-)

After a particularly hard week when I've frequently wondered at what madness overtook me when I decided to have kids, I stopped by an Esso garage on my way home tonight and lo and behold they had a pretty decent wine section (well I was in Surrey). As usual, floundering to make a decision when faced with so many options, I went for a brand I know - a Blossom Hill red. It was only £6 and to be honest I didn't have great expectations, but I've been pleasantly surprised. 

The label says the wine is a blend, but doesn't specify which grapes are used, and it claims to be soft and fruity. And actually it is very tasty and smooth with no rough edges except a slight sourness on first taste. Perhaps more importantly, it's 12.5% proof has provided an instant smoothing of my own rough edges with just one (admittedly large) glass. So of course I've had two - just to be sure :-)

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