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This might be an unpopular opinion but on my daily commute there's nothing right now that makes me (admittedly unreasonably) angrier or more bemused than Cath Kidston 'handbags'.

Why women feel the need to carry around what can only be described as glorified plastic shopping bags is beyond me. None of them are pensioners so it can't be that. And none of them are also carrying babies so they can't be nappy bags either.

There's really no excuse. The material is horrible, the pattern is horrible, the colours are horrible.

I do get that we're in the midst of a vintage revival and we're all meant to be 1950's housewives these days but c'mon ladies, you can surely do better? You can be better.

In fact the only use case I can think of for these bags would be if the material on the inside is also wipe-clean and you can take it on a big night out. Then when you puke in it not only will the pattern hide the mess but it'll be easy to clean in the morning. 

I'm sure Cath Kidston has many products which are wonderful but as long as these bags are in public circulation I'm inclined to give them all a miss. 

Sorry. Rant over. If you love a bit of Cath feel free to say your piece below and show me what I'm missing!

RL x

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