HOT MUMMAS | Gettin' my blonde on - I'm back bitches!


Today I finally did what I've been wanting to do for ages - gone back to blonde.

I stopped highlighting my hair when I was pregnant and then was determined to completely grow in my natural colour to give my hair a rest from the dye/bleach so I've not touched it in two years.

As it turned out my natural colour is pretty damn dull. Also, you'd think a person's natural hair colour would be a better complement for their skin tone but I don't think it did much for me.

In fact as soon as I saw my new blonde colour coming through in the blow dry I knew I'd done the right thing. Suddenly the 4 hours sleep I had last night didn't show on my face as much.


Unfortunately, on closer inspection my hair looks a bit stripier than I would have liked (a bit Ginger Spice but more blonde than ginge) so I might have to give it another go sooner than expected. But overall I'm happy and well on my way to being blonde again.

RL x

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