GLUM MUMS I Mum to Newborn and Toddler- A Day in the Life...


People are always asking me- how is it with two babies? The answer- amazing, rewarding, exhausting,  frustrating.

My to-do-list is as long as my arm and seems to get longer rather than shorter.

I am lucky enough to have a nanny 3 afternoons a week and am still run off my feet!

Here is a typical day for me (when she isn't here). I am Mum to a 2 year old and a 9 week old.

We wake up early, around 7am, when toddler naturally wakes. I leave the younger baby in bed while I change toddler's nappy and take her downstairs to make and feed her porridge (she won't feed herself at the moment).

I stick her in front of a TV programme like Dora the Explorer in Spanish (her other language) while I wake the baby and change his nappy, then breastfeed him or express and bottle feed him due to breastfeeding issues. At the same time I check my emails and social networking on my smartphone and reply to any messages.

It's 10am by now and I am still in my pyjamas. I grab a tea and toast.

I stick the baby in his swing while I play with toddler for a while, at the same time as ordering my shopping on my smartphone.

I take them both upstairs so I can pee then back down.

It's 11am and I make lunch for my toddler while she plays and comes over every two minutes to ask me to play- and then feed her (she still won't feed herself).

It's midday and I put toddler to bed and grab some lunch if baby isn't awake wanting his milk. Meanwhile I make any phone calls I need to for household stuff and deal with any important emails. I stick a load of washing on and wash up.  I then feed baby again. It is 1pm or later.

I wake up toddler and we play for a bit. She helps me vacuum and fold up washing and put it away.

I let toddler play on the ipad while I feed bubba or express and feed. I do the odd blog or tweet on my phone.

It's 4pm and I start preparing dinner with baby on playmat. At 5pm I feed toddler.

It's 5.45pm and bath time for toddler.  We then watch more Spanish TV while I feed the baby.

At 6.45 Daddy gets home and at 7/7.30pm toddler is in bed.

We eat dinner.

I feed baby again at 8. Wind him and try to put him in bed. He doesn't settle so am up and down with him.

9pm wash up, clear up the house and get ready for bed.

11pm baby wakes for another feed. Again in the night.

7am Ready to start again.


Imagine the days when we get out of the house!!!


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