HIP MUMMAS | When did the Daddies get so hip?


Is it me or are men’s trousers getting even tighter?  So much so that I’m starting to become worried about their ability to father children. Will there be a whole generation missing because of a short-lived fashion trend?

It first came to mind while watching those space programmes on Channel 4. Dermot O’Leary was wearing a pair of trousers that really didn’t leave much to the imagination in the crotch area. I found myself wondering how aware he was about this and whether he felt the need to stuff a salami in his pants to fill them out for the benefit of viewers. After all no-one wants to embarrass themselves on TV by outing a small willy.

apparently they're called meggings for god's sake

Then this morning on the tube platform I was standing next to a young man, quite good looking though obviously a creative type, possibly a hipster, who was actually wearing jeggings. I admit I wasn’t sure at first so I was forced to examine his legs closely, but they definitely were not just tight trousers.

I’m all for men wearing the latest fashion but in my book leggings are a step too far. It’s just too girlie. Plus, if he removed his coat, who knows what would have been revealed about the length and volume of his junk.

This wasn’t the end of it though. The icing on the cake was his full beard and handlebar moustache, which he no doubt twiddles as he makes evil plans while sitting there scratching his sweaty balls through his jeggings.

RL x

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