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Superdrug My Little Star New Mum Nipple Cream 
99p for 75ml

Superdrug My Little Star New Mum Nipple Cream 75ml

An absolute bargain price, this Superdrug My Little Star New Mum Nipple cream is designed to keep your nipples moisturised, soft and protected if you are breast feeding, I've personally been combo-feeding.
Containing lanolin from sheep, which is the main ingredient in most nipple creams due to its extreme moisturising properties and it's very natural. You can therefore apply it and then feed later without washing off as no fear of poisoning bubba.
Every breastfeeding Mum gets sore nipples at some point just due to the intensive demand, so a little bit of this helps keep them from feeling as if they have been sandpapered or scrubbed with a wire brush. It's just as good as the more expensive brands in my opinion - and the efficacy is good.
Apply to nipple area with fingers and massage in gently. Wipe off any excess cream before breastfeeding. After feeding is complete, wipe your breast gently to help prevent soreness. Use once or twice daily.

Superdrug My Little Star New Mum Disposable Breast Pads
99p for 26 pads

Superdrug New Mum Breast Pads are designed to absorb excess milk during late pregnancy and after your baby is born. The moisture-proof backing offers added leakage protection to keep you comfortable and dry. Discreet with adhesive tabs for extra confidence.
These are a little small, so if you have gnat bites like me - perfect! Realistically I think they're designed to just cover the areola rather than whole breast, and other more expensive counterparts have left me itchy where they rub at the side of the breast.
They work perfectly well if positioned correctly in a well-fitted bra, and are a fraction of the price of some of the well-known brands. Great for penny-saving Mums on maternity leave or stay-at-home Mums.
Peel off the adhesive backing tape and place the pad inside the cup of your bra with the adhesive strip against your underwear. Adjust for comfort. Change regularly to help prevent soreness and chapping, particularly when breast feeding when the flow of milk may increase.
Save yourself some money by opting for these products from that don't scrimp on high standards.


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