HOT MUMMAS | Spring has sprung - here be some tips for a proper de-fuzzing!


Warmer weather is on its way and it'll soon be hard to hide the body fuzz that hangs around all week until I get around to shaving it off at the weekend.  The time for a quickie in the shower is over folks. From now on it's serious. Smooth skin is the only way to go.

Unfortunately I can't afford a regular wax these days so shaving it is!

When I want to do it properly, preparation is important.  About 10 minutes before I get in the bath or shower I slather moisturiser onto the areas I am about to shave. For some reason this results in soft smooth skin afterwards. But don't use anything fancy as it all goes to waste!  I use the original Johnson's baby lotion, which is cheap and as effective as it needs to be.

Next is to get the right shaving gel. I can't decide which is more important - a good shaving gel or a good razor - but in a pinch I'd say I would rather have a good gel.

Foams just don't cut it, we'll leave those to the men.  And out of all the gels I've tried, the King of Shaves one is the best. It really makes for a smooth shave and doesn't come off as soon as it meets some water in the shower.  A little also goes a long way, unlike some other gels such as the Gillette ones.  In general I've found women's gel products to be quite poor and annoyingly very expensive so the King of Shaves one suits me perfectly (especially as I can get the hubby to pay for it, believing it to be his!).

If it was just my legs and pits I wouldn't be as worried but when you're dealing with lady parts too, it's important to go with the best products out :-)

Next up, razors. It hurts me to say it but the Gillette Venus razor really is the best. It also hurts my wallet to buy it but I've tried others and they're just not as good.  The Wilkinson Sword razors look just as fancy and are a smidge cheaper but the heads don't seem to last as long. They fairly quickly start to drag on the skin.  I've also given men's razors a try but they aren't really made for legs and soft skin areas. Which is odd as many of them have the same number of blades. My hubby is always impressed when he sneaks a go on my Venus.

While we're on the subject of soft skin areas, I was once reliably informed that if you shave your lady bits very regularly - once every 3 days - the skin toughens up and you get less of the red bumps and ingrown hairs.  I am now following this suggestion and I think it's starting to work.  It would work better if I was any good at sticking to a routine, but that's another story!

Lastly, we need to talk after care.  My routine is to slap on some vitamin e moisturiser. The Body Shop one is a good option as it's light and gives good coverage and you don't have to use loads. The moisturising effect also seems to last for at least a day.  On my bikini area I moisturise then when it's dry I run on some Sudacrem. It might seem loopy but I figure if it's good enough for nappy rash, it's good enough for shaving rash! And it does work - just leave your underwear off for a while to let the skin settle and heal.

So now I only have to do all that twice a week. I'm sure I'll find the time somewhere!

RL xx

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