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Having spent this time last year in Thailand *sobs*, I'll never forget the homeland smell of Jasmine...for all the wrong reasons.

I was one of the (un)lucky mothers-to-be who experienced an overwhelming sense of smell, to the point I wanted to knock out colleagues (this was a given anyway, wasn't sure if it was hormones or the perfume issue).

Beautiful floral scents in my mind now resembled eggs and slightly turned pork, said jasmine resembled ash trays and/or bottom of bins. My partner's beautiful Tom Ford collection nearly ended up in the wheely bin with all the other offending smells - and I still can't stomach it to this day (Albie is 15 wks old).

And Molecule 01 - know the one? The uber-trendy perfume that  works with your own natural pheromones and is allegedly bespoke to every individual. I am one, or was, originally a fan.
I left a whole £65 bottle in my drawer prior to me going off on MAT, for the pure fact all I could detect was fly spray.

Dirty, stinky fly spray every time the offending colleagues wearing said scent wafted past.

I'd say this was one of my worst pregnancy ailments - an aversion to normal everyday perfumes and smells.

It was amazing how angry the slightest scent could make a pregnant Beauty Ed, who spent the best part of her day unwrapping cosmetics and toiletries for review. Anything with the slightest sickly sweet notes, or abundance of floral - left me storming off and swiftly removing myself from the offending odour before I barfed into my bin.

I even snapped at colleagues to own up who was spritzing their armpits with everyday deodorant. 
Yes, even underarm deodorant set me off!  (Aside from Dove green tea and cucumber - the only scent I could stomach and has remained a staple in the beauty cupboard since).

So, not only did I become 'no perfume-personality' mum, I equally became a deodorant free hippy with reckless abandon for the noses of others.

Here's a pick of my favourite non-offensive scents for olfactory success.

DKNY Be Delicious, £34.99,

Be Delicious DKNY

Fresh apple, refreshing cucumber and zesty grapefruit are the scents set to leave you radiant rather than retching. Yes, there are middle notes of tuberose, rose and violet, but they are so light all you can detect is the crisp apple. Lovely and refreshing.

Jo Malone, Earl Grey & Cucumber, £39.00,

Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber

Earthier and refreshing scents often belong to those of the male species, so it's not a bad thing if you fancy reaching for your hubs bottle of cologne over a fluffy floral number.
Most of Jo Malone's colognes are suitable for both male and female, ambiguous in nature and open to interpretation.
Her creations of great ingenuity use a citrus, floral, fruity, spicy or woody base with unexpected twists making for a delightful explosion on the old senses.
This light afternoon tea evoking scent has bursts of bergamot, giving it the distinct Earl Grey scent, something I suddenly found comforting throughout pregnancy, along with peppermint tea that I never used to consume either. The cool cucumber notes teamed with musk and beeswax give this reviving scent a real kick.

Diptyque Eau Duelle, £55, Space NK

Diptyque Eau Duelle

One thing I did crave during pregnancy was vanilla. Vanilla ice-cream, milkshakes, cakes and icing - oooo lots of icing!
I couldn't get enough of the sugary rush, (and still can't) therefore my senses were not shaken by the delightful saccharine sweetness.
The main note in this scent is vanilla, if you can handle the sweetness without any floral - this little treat is perfect to lift your mood. Inspired with 'East meets West' (no, not London).
The difference with this tasty little androgynous number is it's teamed with exhilirating spices that lift the vanilla bean to a fragrant fusion.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Layering Gift Set, £32,

Amazing Grace

Ok, so it's not exactly lacking in the floral department, there is a cheeky heart of freesia, but we'll let them off as its so goddam gorgeous and very light and refreshing.
The everyday scent has fresh grapefruit and earthy bergamot top notes, teamed with a teeny bit of freesia and a musky base. Unless the description alone has left you retching into your handbag, this must-have mummy fragrance is perfect for every day and leaving a girly, un-offensive mark on any unsuspecting noses.


LN xx

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