HOT MUMMAS | Two Minute Make-Up Glow for Busy Mummies


When you have a baby, life changes to a degree you could never have imagined. It's amazing and wonderful, and yet the modern, independent woman may find it a little difficult to come to terms with the lack of time to herself- in particular, time to look good.

Often when I have to leave the house, I have spent hours getting the kids ready and packing changing bags etc, and had not a second to get myself ready. If it's a weekend and hubby is coming, he will then be standing at the door shouting 'come on' as I scramble to get ready in minutes, when he has done nothing at all!

I have therefore now perfected my 2 minute make-up routine, to allow me to get out of the door as quickly as possible.

My essential products are (in order of necessity i.e I will do only 1 or 2  if no time):

Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising Bronzing Powder
£28.74 - £34.50
Available from
(Free delivery over £50)

A very natural looking bronze, not orange at all (if you get the right shade), and not sparkly. You can build up the layers for a darker or lighter look, or just use on cheekbones.

Available from
(Free delivery over £50)

A splash of this in the apples of the cheeks adds a bit of life to a pale, tired face.

YSL Babydoll Mascara in Black
Available from
(Free delivery over £50)

A nice brush that doesn't clog, and good strong black colour.

YSL Touche Eclat
Available from
(Free delivery over £50)

The original and best (I think), eye bag concealer.

I finish with a slather of shiny (but non-sticky) lip balm which I keep in my coat pocket. My fave is currently:

Cocomania Butter lip butter

Smells and feels yummy!

I also try to dye my brows and lashes every week or so, so that I don't need to pencil my brows, and so that I look ok even if I don't have time for the mascara!! I use:

Eylure lash and brow dye
Available from
Free delivery over £10

Eylure brow shapers
Free delivery over £10

Without make-up-

With and Without Eyeliner:

Let us know: what is your fastest make-up time and what are your preferred products Mummies?


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