HOT MUMMAS | A tingly treat for my face from Skyn


Hey that tickles. No, wait, it tingles. Or is it burning? Well, at least that means it's working, right?

I am sitting here trying out a Fresh Start face mask by Skyn, an Icelandic skincare company. This product promises to reveal my skin's luminous, youthful (ahem) translucence with just a 10 minute weekly treatment.

Sounds great in theory, so I am testing it out with high hopes. But right now, it's kind of burning my face, so it may be time to wash it off!

The instructions say to wipe off the mask with a soft cloth but I don't have one to hand so I'm just using water and my fingers like a pro.

I'm not going to post a photo of the result as every pic I've taken so far makes me look terrible (not because my face burned off fortunately). But actually in person my skin does have a nice glow. And after moisturising, the 'tingling' has stopped.

At £25 for 6 masks this isn't the cheapest product, however it does feel good quality and is worth an occasional treat if you don't have the cash to spend £25 every 6 weeks on just a face mask.

Find out more about this and other Skyn products on their website, and buy it at Marks & Spencer.

RL x

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