GLUM MUMS I Primark scandal- but can most mums afford to buy ethically?


According to today's national papers:

A shopper at Primark's Swansea store found a hand-sewn label inside her £10 dress that read 'Forced to work exhausting hours'.

We all know that in order to make clothes so cheaply they must be made in sweatshops, but let's be honest- this is probably the case with most high street shops. After all, who can afford to shop ethically these days, with salaries not matching inflation and maternity pay not even covering a weekly shop, let alone the mortgage payments.

Even everyday essentials such as nappies and wipes are three times the price for the eco version.

If the government really wanted to help us to shop ethically they would ban unethical and non eco friendly products instead of putting the onus on shoppers themselves. We just can't afford it.

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