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As Mum to a 4 month old baby and a toddler, a good night's sleep is a distant memory. However, I have learnt that there are things one can do to make a baby sleep better. One of those is most definitely, in my opinion, swaddling. I certainly notice the difference in length of sleep time at night when baby is swaddle wrapped.

Babies are born with a reflex which makes their little arms fly around, often waking themselves up. This happens for at least the first 3 months. Swaddling prevents this, and the idea is that baby also feels all snug and safe as if they are still cocooned in the womb.

Traditionally a large blanket was used and tucked in, but modern swaddles are created to be easier and safer to use. 

With lots on the market, which should you buy?

Here are my favourites:

Gro Swaddle
Available from the Gro store online, or from for £9.50

This is a lovely, unbelievably soft swaddle and very simple to use. Perfect for newborns, with plenty of material to swaddle with. No complications, just wrap and the baby's weight on the stretchy fabric keeps things in place.

However, I found that from about 9 weeks old, the bottom piece which folds upwards was too short and thus baby managed to kick his feet out. It also became loose during night feeds, so I had to re-swaddle him, which sometimes woke him. I think this is probably because he is a large baby and was too big for the 0-3 months size when I tested it at 9 weeks. It works very well for a tiny newborn baby though.

This photo shows my baby all swaddled up in his Grobag swaddle.

Benefits include:
-Lightweight for summer nights, and can be layered over clothes for winter (see the very useful GroCompany 'What to wear Guide' here)
-100% (organic for the organic version) cotton jersey, very soft and breathable
-Use from birth to 3 months (max weight 14lbs/6.5kg)
-Easy to use with no poppers, Velcro or ties
-Conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards
- Machine washable at 40°.

How to use:

For info see:

It is also a very reasonable price.

Puckababy make various different types of swaddles, which are beautifully crafted, and look mega cute. Recent winner of the Baby Innovation Award, there are starter traditional style swaddles, and transitional wraps for older babies. They come in beautiful packaging, and have a label with beautiful artwork on the front.

Above is a pic of my baby looking happy in his Puckapod.

The evolution mini is for older babies, 3 to 6 months, for use during the period when mums are starting to cut back on tight swaddling, see info here. Suitable for babies Length: 62 - 74 cm Weight: 5.5 to 7.5 kg.

Benefits include:
-100% cotton- cool for summer, layer clothing underneath for winter
-Fine quality- looks hand-made with care- proper attention to detail on zips and seams
-Tested according to the highest safety standards for baby sleeping textile – XPG 30-106 & EN 71-3 manufactured in Europe by BSCI approved suppliers

The arms are placed through a little 'inner jacket' fixed by velcro, and the outer layer is then loosely wrapped over the top and fastened by a zip. This means the arms don't wave about too much, and the baby feels secure as if still in his swaddle, but he is getting used to the feeling of a sleeping bag. Perfect! I used mine from 3 until about 5 months old, when baby seemed ready for the transition to a sleeping bag. He was getting fed up with being 'trapped', which is when I knew it was 'time'!!

Here is the how to use guide:

Summerinfant Swaddleme Swaddle
Available from various retailers- click here for a list
or buy from for up to 17% off, see:
£24.99 for a Pack of 3- Click here
£9.94 for the Jungle print shown below- Click here

Designed to make swaddling easier for mums in a simple 3 step action. With adjustable wings designed to grow with baby, SwaddleMe has two fold over side flaps and a fold up bottom part, which can be opened to change the baby’s nappy during the night. The velcro keeps everything in place, meaning it fits snugly and won't come loose, and it is near impossible for baby to escape. My only complaint is that it makes a loud noise when opening the velcro and can sometimes wake baby if not in a deep sleep!

The lightweight cotton material means it can be used in summer or over clothes layers in winter. The bottom part is shaped widely to allow for full hip and leg movement (hip restriction has been cited as a concern with swaddling in some studies, but this means no worries about that-I quote my midwife there.)

This swaddle is the ultimate perfect solution and comes in two sizes: Small 3-6 Kg/ Large 6-9 Kg. I used both sizes, and actually still use the large size for under arm swaddling my 5 month old, on days that are too hot for a sleeping bag.

The above image is my son just after he was born in a Summer Infant Swaddle. I used this brand for my daughter too and found them very good.

Above is my son in the large size, at 3 months old (he is a big boy!!).

Here is the how to use diagram:

The Woombie
Available from for £19.95 - £24.95

The Woombie is made from a soft stretchy fabric and is really easy-just zip baby in, no flaps to escape from. This works very well for tiny babies, but once they get a bit bigger and start moving arms around, I found that mine were struggling to get free! A great solution for newborns though.

Please note: Summer Infant also make an almost identical version like this called the Swaddlepod, which I haven't tried: to see info click here, available from at 10% off, for £8.99)

Here is to a good night's sleep!

P.S Combine these with blackout blinds from the Gro Company, available from, for a really good kip!!


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